About Us

Our company is one of the leading companies in the developing of the industry of construction machineries and commercial vehicles because of his non changed principles, rich stock, service with strong structure and quality products. Our company together with its solution partners, has transformed into a structure in which all the sectoral needs can be supplied from a single source. Our company combines the vision of continuity with the disciplined management system together with its expert team to offer unlimited service and quality solutions to its customers. We continue our technical infrastructure investments uninterruptedly to create the fastest solution possibilities with the best prices for the most important brands of the sector.


Our company gives great importance to customer satisfaction with its experienced sales staff and years of trading experience. Your requests are answered very quickly and the orders are delivered to the addresses in the fastest way in ULUS İTHALAT İHRACAT LTD. ŞTİ. place. Adopting a reputable and reliable company profile ULUS İTHALAT İHRACAT LTD. ŞTİ. is aiming to be among the leading companies of the sector. With the slogan of "What else about construction Machinery spare parts" ULUS İTHALAT İHRACAT LTD. ŞTİ. summarizing understanding of work is to keep track of the development experience in the spare parts of the construction machines and to catch the constant innovation with the identity of the researcher.

Delivery way of the spare parts: The shipment is directed towards the desire of our customers, our company has contract with many cargo companies. Bus, Metro kargo,  Aras Kargo, Fillo Kargo, Sürat Kargo,  Mng Kargo, Yurtiçi Kargo, Ceva Kargo, Ups Kargo we are working with companies and Warehouse Firms. 

Payment terms: Ways of payments are Bank transfer, Mail transfer, Credit Card and Mail Order form.

Komatsu Contructions Machinery Spare Parts, Cummins Engine Overhaul Spare Parts, Isuzu, Yanmar, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Caterpillar Engine Spare Parts, Mitsubishi Safir - Prenses Bus Spare Parts, Mitsubishi Motor Grader Spare Parts                                                                  

ENGINE SPARE PARTS: Engine piston Engine linerPiston ring set Head Cylinder Block assy, Crankshaft Gasket Kit Injector Engine Bearing Engine valve and guide Oil pump Water pump V-Belt Turbocharger Oil cooler and cover Manifold Exhaust Tank 

UNDER CARRIAGE PARTS: Track Frame Parts Idler Parts Track Roller and Carrier Roller parts Final Dirve and Sprocket parts Track Shoe Tooth Pin Lock Blade Bolt Nut  

TRANSMISSION - FINAL DRIVE PARTS; Gears Saft HS Pinions Disc Roller Bearing Seal and Service Kits Torque Parts

HYDRAULIC PARTS: Hydraulic Main Pump Hydraulic Pump Repair Parts Steering Pump and Hydraulic Main Valve and Service parts

ELECTRICAL PARTS: Starter and Alternator and its parts Sensors - Switch 

PERIODICAL CHANGING PARTS: Filters Seals and Service Kits Bearings and Bushings 

Our company trades in spare parts since long years ago. You can choose from our website KOMATSU – YANMAR – CUMMINS – ISUZU – CATERPILLAR – VOLVO spare parts and see the pictures of them. You can check the prices our parts. If you want you can select your choices and add them to your order basket and confirm your order. Than you can contact us to be sure of the confirmation of your order. After receipt of your payment your parts will be delivered as soon as possible.

Freight agency is on your choose. We added freight agencies for your choose and you can choose which you want. The freight cost will paid on the receivers side.

The orders will packed in standart packaging. Please check your Cargo after receipt if there is any damage on the parts and let confirm it with pictures to the freight agency with a official report. Freight agencies don’t pick up parts with insufficient packaging. If there is any damaged parts are in response of the freight agency.

DETCH brand parts are high quality parts. The quality is same as original parts. The most services prefer DETCH brand parts because of the high quality. High quality DETCH brand parts are manufactured to work in harmony with each other. Such as if you prefer Piston piston ring and cylinder liner as DETCH brand so the engine life will be longer. If you don’t want that your engine decrease the oil so you have to prefer DETCH brand Piston, piston ring and cylinder liner that the parts work in harmony with each other.

When you accounter problems with our parts please advice us with Pictures and videos that we can check and solve these problems.

For a long time DETCH brand parts prefered in each companies because they are satisfied about it. We are happy if customer prefer our parts especially DETCH brand parts. Our company also supply alternative brands with competitive prices also to intercept opponent. Original parts are in sale as Original. If you think that the part is immitation so please advice us with Picture and video. Our company his purpose is to prefer us with our high quality parts and competitive prices.